December 30, 2008

4.0 semester

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I just finished the first semester in my graduate school, and I have As in all four classes.

Much effort I have spent on my studies, and the result is satisfying 🙂

Me and Christian Music

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My family practice Buddhism so I would say I am more or less a Buddhist. Well Buddhists have cool music, but living in the US especially in Utah means a lot of contact of Christian music, AKA Sunday music.

I can trace my contact with Christian music back to high school. The movie “Sister acts” gave me a lot of inspiration, musically. Since then I was crazy over Gospel music. I even went to the neighborhood church just to listen to the Choir. Of course they sang traditional Gospel instead of Contemporary ones. But…yeah you got the idea, I like choirs.

Then there came the famous Winans family. First time I got their CD from “music black market” and totally got swept off feet. My favorite is BeBe & CeCe Winans. I have all their CDs and follow their solo acts too.

In the same time, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith are big names to me too. They have quite a lot of fans in China, not as Christian musicians but secular ones. I remember the Music Channel played Amy Grant’s “Lucky Ones” for a long time. They played Smith’s “Love me Good” too.

After moving to the US, I am surprised to find so many popular artists in China are defined as “Christian artists” in the US. Well this did not drive me off from their music. Here I have to mention this particular CD “WOW 2003”. For quite a long time this CD was my favorite and it led me to many big names in Christian music scene: Point of Grace, Avalon, Jaci Velasquez, Steve Curtis Chapman, and many more. Chapman is profiled by Chinese media because he adopted a Chinese girl and did a lot of charity work.

Now I start to listen to a new generation of Christian musicians like Jeremy Camp and Jake Smith, and those crossover ones like Switch foot, Stacie Orrico, and Eleventyseven.

Why I like Christian music? Because their lyrics are very inspirational. They have the depth that secular music can never reach. Once a while I need inspiration like this, that is why I will come back to the haven of warm lovely Christian music seeking the meaning of my life. This has nothing to do with my religious brief. My opinion is: as long as it is good music, I will listen!

December 25, 2008

Santa-suit gunman attacks party; at least 3 die – Crime & courts-

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A man wearing a Santa suit who had been suffering marital problems opened fire at a Christmas party at a house that then caught fire, leaving more than three people dead, authorities said Thursday.

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How awful!